Mission & Values


Mission & Vision

Our inspiration

To manufacture and distribute healthy sleep solutions of all people in a way that the expectations and needs of our stakeholders are satisfied in a sustainable, responsive manner and with the maximun standars of quality.

Our orientation

We are the rest solutions company that combines its historical strength and ambition with agility, efficiency and innovation to bring the best solutions. Developing the best human and industrial resources, products and services to the rest. This positions us as the leader in share, satisfaction and brand awareness for the main product lines, in all customers, stakeholders and markets, especially in Spain and France, and in an international level. Thus achieving growing and sustainable profitability results.


Our values

Customer orientation

We look foward to give the best service and quality rest for our clients. We transmit reliability, confidence and devotion in all the process of manufacture of any of our products.


We work to be better every day, always seeking efficiency in management, the quality of products and services and the best results.

Ethics and Cohesion

We are guided by the conviction that only those who behave honorably at all times deserve to maintain leadership. To this end, we encourage the spirit of teamwork, supporting each other to achieve our common goal above individual aspirations.