Who are we?

Pikolin Group is made up of thirteen commercial brands, making a continuous effort in R+D+i to be able to carry out our growth strategy. With a turnover of 440 MM euros and a team of 3000 employees, it is the second European group in the resting sector, leader in Spain, Portugal and France. It has eight production plants in Europe (four in France and three in Spain), two in Southeast Asia (Vietnam and China) and one in South America (Brazil).

A Benchmark

We have always been a benchmark in the implementation of quality systems, being the first company in the bedding sector to achieve ISO certification, which has allowed, in addition to its growth in Spain, to consolidate its leadership outside its borders.

Our Development

The group’s growth is based on research and development of the main rest technologies, having the largest number of patents in its category and manufacturing multiple products related to rest that make up our core business, thus ensuring a leading brand positioning.


Our logistics facilities are equipped with the most innovative and advanced technological means, with an industrial complex in Zaragoza, one of the largest and most advanced in the world.

Fun Facts

Production Plants
Innovation Awards

Our Brands

Pikolin, our leading brand


Fast Shipments

Fast Shipments

We take care of your orders quickly and efficiently, and we can be even faster if you are looking for our "mattress in a box".

Leading Brands

Leading Brands

We offer you our products in different websites, different stores and different countries. All of them leaders in the country where they are established. So that no one is left without the best rest of the market.

Customer Service

Customer Service

Our customer service stands out as our mattresses, for its adaptability and flexibility, being also as responsive as our famous springs.



From our websites we provide you with the best possible service to make you feel more comfortable browsing them than with any of our mattresses (as difficult as it may seem).

Social Media

Social Media

We will inform you of all the latest news from our physical and online stores such as discounts, exclusive products, etc. We will also give you some tips about our products and how to improve your rest and some memes to accompany you during the day as well as we do at night.




Our own team of engineers specializing in product and ergonomics studies, develops and validates all the necessary innovations in the products we manufacture: mattresses, bed bases, pillows, upholstered bases and other products related to rest. Proof of this is the significant number of patents (more than 100) that the Group has registered. This internal capacity for innovation is complemented by agreements with global technology leaders that guarantee a dominant position in the market.


We are a pioneering group in technology and development of rest solutions, designs and manufactures solutions in all families of products related to rest: mattresses, upholstered bases, wooden bases, fixed bed bases, articulated bed bases, pillows and accessories for rest among others, offering the solutions that best suit the needs of its customers.

In addition, our capacity for innovation allows us to produce mattresses with the most advanced technologies of the moment: Normablock® continuous thread, Multiactif®, MultiAir®, CrossSystem®, Talalay® Latex, Bultex®, viscoelastic materials and gel, among others. We have the capacity to add more than thirty types of components in the comfort layers that allow us to customize the sleep experience and make it unique.
All these products are developed with a deep knowledge of the market and consumers that years of experience in the sector have given us.




Come work with us.

We are always looking for new talent in different areas of the Group. If you are interested in joining our team