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Pikolin 2016


Steinhoff International and Grupo Pikolin announce their strategic Alliance agreement. Steinhoff International aquires 50% of COFEL, the French subsidiary of Pikolin Group. This agreement will contribute to the development of both companies in the international bedding market.

Pikolin 2016


GRUPO PIKOLIN ENTERS IN BRAZIL. The joint venture signed with Sleep House offers the Spanish leading group a great growth potential in the Latin America markets.

Pikolin 2015


Official announce of the project to build the new industrial facilities in Zaragoza (Spain); the largest and most modern logistics-industrial complex in Europe and one of the largest in the world in the Bedding business that will be working from early 2017.

Pikolin 2012


Two important agreements marked the year 2012. On one hand, in the international arena, Grupo Pikolin entered the Italian market with a new company: Literie Italia, a joint venture with the leading manufacturer in the Transalpine country: B&T. Moreover, in the Spanish market, Grupo Pikolin bought Industrias Hidráulicas Pardo, thus consolidating its leadership position in the hospital and geriatric sleep market.

Pikolin 2011


Grupo Pikolin continued its internationalization process with the purchase of the Dunlopillo brand for 45 countries.

To do so, it closed the deal on the purchase of the matress producing company Dunlopillo Holdings Sdn.Bhd., belonging to the SimeDarby Group headquartered in Malaysia, and with business operations in more than 15 Southeast Asian countries.

Pikolin 2009


Grupo Pikolin completely took over COFEL, the largest French manufacturer of sleep products, thus strengthening its leadership position in the European Bedding market and went on to control the Bultex, Epeda and Merinos brands, French market leaders. With this milestone, Pikolin became the second leading bedding manufacturer group in Europe.

Pikolin 2007


Grupo Pikolin opened the doors to its representative office in China.

Pikolin 2006


Grupo Pikolin began to control SMATTEX, S.A., the company that manufactures Dunlopillo and Mediterráneo sleep products in Spain and Portugal.

Pikolin 2004


Grupo Pikolin bought the SEMA brand, the oldest bedding brand in Spain, created in 1939.

Pikolin 2002


COFEL, the French joint venture between Grupo Pikolin and Recticel, was created. Recticel is a Belgian company listed on the stock exchange with more than 11,000 employees.

COFEL manufactures and markets some of the most prominent brands on the French market such as Bultex, Epeda, Merinos, Lattoflex and Swissflex. It has five production plants in France and 850 employees.

Pikolin 1999


Grupo Pikolin reached a distribution agreement for the SERTA brand for the European market. Serta is the top bedding company in the U.S.

Pikolin 1998


Introduction of the mattress and technology Bultex in Spain.

Pikolin 1988


Grupo Pikolin created its subsidiary in Portugal, PIKOLIN LUSITANA.

Pikolin 1985


Grupo Pikolin created BEDS, the largest sleep store franchise which currently has more than 200 stores in Spain.

Pikolin 1984


As a result of the close relationship between Pikolin and the U.S. company Leggett&Platt, the revolutionary innerspring Normablock is introduced in Spain, the most technologically advanced continuous coil system.

Pikolin 1973


Pikolin’s 25th anniversary is being celebrated with the inauguration of a new factory located on Zaragoza, one of the largest in the world.

Pikolin 1955


The Pikolin brand was created and manufacture of spring mattresses began.

Pikolin 1948


The company was founded by Alfonso Soláns Serrano and began operations under his name. It was made up of seven employees who began to produce beds and sprung bed bases at a small facility in the city of Zaragoza.