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Pikolin Group, a pioneer in the development of technology and solutions for the bedding industry. Our own team of engineers specializing in the product and ergonomics studies, develops and valiates all necessary innovations in the products that we manufacture, whether in mattressess, sprung bed bases, pillows, upholstered bases and other sleep-related products. Proof of this is the significant number of patents (more than 100) that the group has registered. This internal capacity for innovation is supplemented with agreements between world technology leaders worldwide.


In addition, the capacity for innovation allows us to produce mattresses with the latest technologies of the moment: continuous thread Normablock®, Multiactif®, bagged Multiair®, CrossSystem® Latex Talalay®, Bultex®, viscoelastic materials and gel, among others.

All these products are developed with a deep knowledge of the market and consumers that years of experience in the industry have given us thanks to our continious studies on the costumers preferences and needs and the recommendations of our consultants and specialists in the field.