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Markets and brands - Introduction


Internationalization is a key part of the Group Pikolin DNA. In 1988 it began his journey into the Portuguese market Due to the success achieved in this operation it went for the conquest of the neighboring country lands in 2002, France. In 2012 it expanded its activities in Italy and Malaysia. This process makes clear proof of the reality of the company's commitment to growth, gaining new markets and global coverage.

Currently, Pikolin Group stands on a privileged position, with permanent presence of its trademarks in more than 10 countries, including Asia and a worldwide commercial distribution coverage.

Mercados y marcas - Marcas


The brand is the main product identifier. A real guarantee that positions Grupo Pikolin with a compentitive advantage over their competitors. Pikolin group reflects all the know-how of the brands, therefore, their support is another key piece on their philosophy. The brand represents one of the greatest assets of the company and is the emblem that represents their values anywhere in the world, achieving the key point of differentiation.

Currently, the portfolio consists of thirteen trademarks: Pikolin, Bultex, Swissflex, Lattoflex, Serta, Dunlopillo, Orthorest, Epeda, Merinos, Sema, Sunlay, Pardo and Mediterraneo®.