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  • Spanish bedding market leadership
  • French bedding market leadership
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Our brands:

Marcas Pikolin Pikolin Bultex Swissflex lattoflex Dunlopillo Serta Industrias Pardo Epeda Merinos Smattex Sema Colchones


Pikolin group, with a turnover over 440 million euros and with over 3,000 employees working with the team, itís the second largest European group in the bedding industry and the leader in Spain, Portugal and France. It has eight production plants in Europe (five in France and three in Spain) and two in Southeast Asia (Vietnam and China) whith more than 3,000 workers there.

Pikolin group consists of thirteen trademarks, making a continuous R&D effort to carry out with our strategy: the group's growth based on researching and developing core technologies for the bedding industry, counting with numerous patents in its category, ensuring a leading brand positioning products.

Beyond this, Pikolin Group has always been a leader in the implementation of quality systems, being the first company obtaining ISO certifications, which has also allowed its Spanish growth and itís consolidating leadership outside its borders.

Also, our logistics facilities are the most innovative and technologically advanced in the industry, with a world leading industrial complex in Zaragoza.